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YOUth Support Programs

Programs and services tailored for the mental health of our community with a special focus on our youth.


The ASPIRE Community Support program provides support and help for youth struggling with addiction in the form of the HOPE program, a prison outreach initiative.

HOPE: Healing Opportunities through Prevention and Education HOPE Project’s mission is to identify, prevent, protect and empower youth struggling with: addictions, like smoking, drugs, alcohol, gaming and substance abuse; behavioural challenges, like anger management and gambling; and mental health issues, like depression and attention deficit disorders. The Project treats every youth client with dignity and confidentiality. It recognizes the challenges the youth are facing today and intends to assist them in overcoming these challenges by creating a safe, confidential and dignified space.

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Our communities have been contributing to different sectors in Canada for many years. However, in our communities, particularly the youth, are simultaneously facing increasing challenges from addictions, behavioural challenges and mental health issues.

Noticeable generational, cultural and communication gaps between the older and younger generations means countless families—parents, spouses and elders are struggling to come to terms with this problem in their midst. It is not uncommon for parents to be completely unaware of their children’s drug addiction. Further compounding this problem, alcohol, drugs, gambling and substance abuses are social taboos in some communities, and those struggling with such challenges are consistently stigmatized among community members. There is thus a significant absence of safe space, and institutionalized projects, that particularly address youths.

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Summer School

The MFBCS will be running a Summer School Program this year.

Most of the newcomer refugee children would have been exposed to various degrees of trauma and would have had very little formal schooling during the past few years. As these students will be settling into the Canadian schooling system in September 2016, we have already seen that major gaps exists in their readiness.

The aim of the Summer School Tutoring Program is to bridge the gap in schooling faced by the Syrian refugee children who have had their lives uprooted over the last year, and will be starting in an entirely new school system in September of 2016.

By observing the children who have already started their schooling in B.C. we have noticed that the struggle to assimilate into Canada’s school system lies overwhelmingly in a lack of English proficiency, as well as unfamiliarity with the system as a whole.

The program will involve teaching basic English and Math for children from grade to grade 8. It will also include some basic instruction on Canadian etiquette, over the course of July and August.

We also foresee additional benefit to the parents, in that it will allow both children and parents alike an opportunity for socialization, whilst simultaneously providing them with a chance to go out into the community and practice their English skills.

capacity building

Helping youth develop skills in our community by offering courses/workshops in cooperation with local partners.

Youth Soccer

The soccer training is open to all youth age 6 and up. I initially got involved because we wanted to have more girls join but in spite of registration, boys are most often attending.

The training is absolutely free and is coordinated solely by volunteers including myself and to name a few others such as Br. Mohammed Amijee, Sr. Nidha Yaqub, Br. Amzad and of course Kabir Qurban.

I joined the training earlier this summer but I believe the program has been running a few years now. Because it is based completely on volunteers, there are times when our volunteers may not be available for the session and have to cancel. Apart from this, we are currently on a break from the training due to the holidays and cold weather as our field is an outdoor one.

We are currently working towards renting an indoor field for the meantime.

The goal of this program is to teach each youth the basic training of soccer and give an equal opportunity to boys and our girls. We want our youth to be able to enjoy the sport as well as be acquainted with other children in the community without the hassle of worrying about the cost of sports.

Aside from soccer we also encourage teamwork for our kids at training. 

Through this soccer training program, we also try our best to recognize when a youth has exceptional skills and include them into teams or tournaments being held in other youth organizations.

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Breathing Room

This initiative strives to provide a safe space for new, returning, and “unmosqued” Muslims, and friends, to explore issues pertaining to everyday life, faith and overall emotional well-being in a manner which is appropriate, comfortable, and non- judgmental. It is open to Muslim youth and friends ages 15-35.

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Digital Storytelling

As the summer months approach us Muslim Food Bank is planning many events and programs, one of which is the Digital Storytelling Program. Digital Stories are short videos which allow for a more appealing delivery of a story rather than just a verbal story. Sometimes all that people need is to have their voices heard to remind them they’re not alone. One interesting story was made by a teenage Syrian refugee. This was not your average story about a teenage girl; there was nothing more powerful than the story of a girl who has seen war and managed to make it out. The Digital Storytelling Program allowed our students to express themselves and talk about their family, friends, events, and anything they are passionate about. By helping the youth in our community gain a voice and express their passions, we allow them to be aware and open minded to what their peers are going through. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of such a program, we are looking for youth between the 12-18 that would like to have their stories heard in the form of a video this is the program for them.

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