Senior Support Program

Let’s make Canada a great place for the elders.

How are we helping the Senior Citizens

Elders not only play a part in passing down the traditions but they are the ones who raised the future leaders, dedicated their youth in curating opportunities for us and worked hard to serve the community. They have played their part, taken care of us and our community. And now it's our turn to take care of them and ensure that they don’t feel abandoned.

Our Senior Support Program is designed by focusing on the following core principles: make the seniors feel part of the community, bridge the future leaders (young volunteers) with the leaders of pasts (senior citizens) so they can build a strong connection, and provide them with any help they need (be it in form of resources such as wheelchairs or support of volunteers to carry out their daily tasks effectively). 

Senior Support Program

With our Senior Support Program, we will assign young volunteers to the senior citizens who will assist the senior citizens on the following frontiers for the stipulated time period of the program:- 

  1. Assisting senior citizens in doing their groceries ensuring they have all the essentials they need to run the home 
  2. Helping senior citizens to their medical appointments ensuring that they don’t miss their monthly checkups
  3. Helping them lead a normal life by accompanying them to socializing activities once a week  

Run Errands for Senior Citizens (grocery shopping)

Weekly shopping is an important part of many people's routines, but it can also be a time-consuming and exhausting process for senior citizens. Our young volunteers will assist the senior citizens in purchasing the groceries from the list created by the senior citizens or even accompany them to stores where they can shop themselves. 

Accompanying Seniors to Medical Appointments 

 When senior citizens need to see the doctor or go for medical tests, our dedicated volunteer will accompany them to the appointments. Moreover, other than ensuring that senior citizens don’t miss their appointment they will also offer companionship as they sit in the waiting room.

Engaging Seniors in the Community

The knowledge, skill, and wisdom we gain as we get older enable us to make significant contributions to our communities' social and cultural fabric. Older people have an important role to play in advocacy, activism and nurturing the community. Hence our volunteers are there to assist them in social activities once a week so they feel part of the community. 

Senior Volunteer Program

Our Senior Volunteer Program is designed to promote health and independence for the elderly. We encourage seniors to be active and healthy through a host of support services. The senior citizens have vast experience and knowledge that is very valuable to be shared with a community that’s striving to make a difference for people in need.

Providing Wheelchairs and Walking Sticks

With ailing health, many senior citizens are in dire need of supporting equipment such as walking sticks and wheelchairs to walk. Under our senior support program, we aim to provide the deserving citizens with the appropriate resources so they can continue to live their lives with minimal supervision and assistance. 

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