Nourished Mind, Empowered Community

Building stronger and empowered community by mentoring and providing the essential support

ASPIRE Community Case Management

Mental well-being is as essential as physical well-being is but unfortunately it is largely ignored and people are afraid to seek help. Our case management program is specifically designed to offer much-needed support and counselling to anyone who is struggling in their life.

We have a team of professional and trained caseworkers who have vast experience in trauma-informed areas and are equipped with the right skills to provide one on one counselling and mentoring sessions. 

Employment Support

Finding a job in today’s time is very difficult and the process becomes even more cumbersome and tiresome if you are from a marginalized community. We understood that the people with skills and the passion to earn their livelihood lacked the resources and avenues to find a proper job.

In order to help all those in 2016, we launched our Employment Support program with an aim to connect job seekers with organizations.  We started our matchmaking by registering people who were looking for jobs and redirecting them to the right opportunities.

Parental Support

 The parental support program is specially designed for the immigrants and the refugee community who have moved to Canada recently and is juggling cultural and societal differences.

The main aim of the program is to impart knowledge and experience to newly moved families on how they can best adapt to the new circumstances and lead a smooth life. Along With that to lend emotional support to the families of refugees, we launched the “Connecting Families Program”.  The program made the new refugee family pair up with the old refugee family and provide them with the emotional support they need to start their new life. 

Special Needs Support

Under the HAMDA (Helping All Muslims with Different Abilities) program launched in the Summer of 2018, we are paving a way for a fully equitable and inclusive world for differently-abled people.

The program is designed to create a life without limits for people with disabilities by offering them support via informative sessions, building networks and bridging the families of disabilities with the right organizations and resources.

Medical Support

 Understanding the health system of any country is a cumbersome process, our team of experts provide one on one consultations regarding the medical policies, health coverage that they are liable for, knowledge of basic medications and where they can acquire from along with Pharmacare and IFHP coverage. We at MFBCS ensure to impart the individual with all the information they need in case of any medical emergency and can handle the situation confidently. 

Dental Support

Good oral health can help you live a longer and healthier life. For helping marginalized members of the community and especially those who are in the midst of achieving status within Canada, we carry out bi-annual dental camps. The camps’ goal is to promote awareness about the importance of good dental health and its role in overall health and happiness.

The program is committed to improving people’s health in the community by educating them on basic oral hygiene, offering treatments to serious patients (setting of appointments), and control of oral illnesses.

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