Our Programs

Program Divisions


Food Bank Programs

Serves the needs of clients who have special dietary needs (halal, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan).

Food Distribution

Food security is provided by giving healthy food hampers, which include fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk, rice, meat, to ensure physical needs of families are met.

Refugee Support

(toiletries / diapers) –  Provide necessities for personal hygiene to newly arrived immigrant and refugee families and children.

Disability Support

Diapers and adult diapers are provided to children and adults who may have developed urinary incontinence due to trauma or disability.

Computer Distribution

Refurbished computers / laptops are provided to families with school aged children to assist them with educational requirements.


Working in partnership with other agencies and local partners, furniture items are provided to families who are most in need of basic furniture.


ASPIRE Programs

Promotes the development and independence of clients by focusing on the core areas of education, employment, and community support.

Case Management

A trained volunteer caseworker will provide one on one social support to newcomer families. Caseworkers provide emotional support and connect families to local resources  

Employment Support

To encourage financial independence, we aim to provide support for clients and connecting them with employment support workshops, and training.

Pharmacy/Medical Support

One on one consultation provided to families who have questions regarding health coverage, medication, Pharmacare and IFHP coverage.

Dental Support

Providing opportunities for families to be assessed by professional dentists, and learn about preventive dental care and oral hygiene.

Parental Support

The Parenting Support Program (PSP) aims to help new immigrant and refugee families settle successfully in a new culture and contribute to Canadian society.

Special Needs Support

Providing awareness and education, and to advocate for individuals with Special Needs to have equal access to their faith by providing support programs in an encouraging environment.

Prison Outreach

A program that provides culturally-relevant social and emotional support to inmates and formerly incarcerated persons self-identifying as Muslim.


YOUth Support Programs

Programs and services tailored for the mental health of our community with a special focus on our youth.


This program strives to provide a safe space for new, returning youth to explore issues pertaining everyday life, faith, and overall emotional well-being.

Breathing Room

This program strives to provide a safe space for new, returning youth to explore issues pertaining everyday life, faith, and overall emotional well-being.

Summer School

The MFB Summer School Program aims to ease the transition of Syrian refugee children into the BC education system by providing English, Math, and Canadian socialization classes.

Digital Storytelling

Digital Stories are short videos which allow for a more appealing delivery of a story rather than just a verbal story. Sometimes all that people need is to have their voices heard to remind them they’re not alone.

Youth Soccer

Soccer training programs run weekly on Saturday for kids 6-18. Once the kids are more skilled, they are recruited on the MFB united team, who play against other teams in the community.

Capacity building

Helping youth develop skills in our community by offering courses/workshops in cooperation with local partners.