Senior Support Program

Senior Support Program:


The Food Bank programs serves the needs of clients who have special dietary needs (halal, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan).

Senior support program rundown:

The MFBCS Senior Support Program will contribute to the Lower Mainland residents in the following ways: by engaging seniors living in the city, by strengthening relationships between youth volunteers and seniors in the community, and by providing seniors with the equipment (wheelchairs, walking sticks) and resources (volunteers) necessary to commute to and from their important appointments. 

MFBCS’ Senior Support Program (SSP) will be an ongoing program that partners senior clients with eager volunteers who will act as assistants for the length of the program. Volunteers will provide assistance in three main forms:

  1. Purchasing groceries for the seniors in their care
  2. Accompanying seniors to any medical appointments
  3. Accompanying seniors to activities once a week (these activities may include trips to the park, to the mosque, or to a community centre) 
  4. In addition, MFBCS will also be providing wheelchairs and walking sticks to seniors for whom need is especially dire.


MFBCS’ Senior Support Program (SSP) will be a pilot program (ongoing) that partners senior clients with eager volunteers who will act as assistants for the length of the program. 

Volunteer registration requirements:

  • Be 30+ years old
  • Submit a criminal record check.
  • Accessibility to a car.
  • Have a valid driver’s insurance.
  • Be available once a week for appointments.



accompanying seniors to purchase groceries:

The grocery shopping program provides a supported shopping service to older adults 60+ residing in New Westminster who find it difficult to shop or do not have others to help them. Our youth volunteers can work on a list created by the senior registrant to help ensure the senior gets exactly what is needed.


This part of the program is designed so that our seniors can travel with our senior support volunteers to medical appointments.


Social connections – including intergenerational connections – are an important part of healthy, active aging. People with strong social networks are more active, feel happier, and are more supported. Staying in touch with neighbours, friends, and family can help keep your social network strong. This part of the program aims to connect seniors to the community by getting the youth to drop off seniors to certain activities including Friday prayer.

Providing Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are definitely one of the most beneficial equipment to older citizens since it indeed provides the person with superior comfort, independence, and mobility. It also allows the person to be free and carry out their daily work on their own. Therefore we are providing our seniors in need with wheelchairs.