People in Yemen, Fiji and Other Countries NEED Your Help


Yemen is one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises with more than 31 million people in need of assistance according to United Nations. Children account for more than 12 million of those needing assistance.

Regrettably, there hasn’t been any extensive coverage of this crisis. Many Yemenis are experiencing food insecurity and millions are at risk of famine. The people of Yemen are subject to the turbulent conditions in the region. Internal conflict and military actions have created a state of disorder and chaos. The Yemeni people suffer from a lack of basic items and necessary medical supplies. This has been going on for years and unfortunately, there is no end in sight.


It is estimated that over 35% of Fiji’s population is below the national poverty line. With the income of households drastically declining, thousands of families do not have the proper resources to thrive.

Fiji children are also heavily impacted, further contributing to the increased rate of hunger in Fiji. It has been recently estimated that over 40% of Fiji’s children are malnourished. A majority of children in Fiji suffer from “protein-energy malnutrition”, meaning that they do not consume enough vital and nutritious foods for their bodies. (Ref: The Borgen Project)

Muslim Food Bank & Community Services recognizes the challenges that people face in supporting themselves and helps them overcome these challenges by focusing on six core areas: Food Insecurity, Water Scarcity, Education, Skills Development, Employment, Physical and Mental Health Support. Our vision is to live in a world where humanity is driven by compassion and love, when people help each other to become self-reliant so that they can in turn help others in their challenges.

Partners and Teams

We work closely with partners who have teams on the ground to support the needy in Yemen, Fiji and other countries through our sister organization, ASPIRE for Hope Society. With your help, those teams will provide needy people facing food insecurity and other challenges assistance with food baskets, medications, school supplies and other necessities.

In Fiji, we started a food bank in July that is based on best practices from our ASPIRE model in Canada.

100% of the Zakat funds collected will go towards the operations.

This is an urgent plea to contribute towards effectively supporting the people of Yemen, Fiji and other countries and help give relief where it is needed the most.

Your help is a big part of making a big change in the world.

Please donate generously!