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10 years ago we were giving food hampers to neighbouring refugee families out of a volunteers garage in Surrey, BC. As the need grew larger, so did we. Today we have 2 food drives a month and multiple community service programs that impact around 500 needy families in the lower mainland. However, there is still a lot of work to do.

Currently 1 in 6 children in BC still live in food insecure households and 14 percent of people who identified as homeless in 2018 were newcomers to Canada.

Amaan Story

Amaan sought asylum in BC from war-torn Iraq in 2016. When he arrived here he faced a lot of obstacles due to his disability. Amaan was diagnosed with polio as a child and became permanently paralysed from the waist down ever since.

Thankfully he was connected to our organization and we set him up with a caseworker.  

Our caseworker registered Amaan in a rideshare service for people with disabilities. Amaan was then able to comfortably get to his English classes, see his doctor and get food from the Muslim Food Bank.

“It gave him freedom because without that he was stuck in his room.” – community caseworker

Amaan has been in Canada for over a year and a half now. He takes the ride service bus every day to attend English classes. Once he becomes a bit more fluent, he will look for a job. Finding a job will mean a great deal to Amaan. It will mean getting his family out of a war zone. It will mean being reunited with his wife and three kids.

Join our movement tackling local poverty & hunger.

Our organization is growing and we are planning to expand our services further throughout BC but we need your help. This Ramadan we invite you and/or your office to participate in our Ramadan Food Drive Campaign.

Currently our charity needs your help with:

Capital funds to cover the expenses and loan of our new warehouse.

Providing non-perishable food items

How you can help:


Donate as an individual or raise funds in the spirit of the Ramadan with your office and help us hit our goal!


Donate as an individual or raise funds in the spirit of the Ramadan with your office and help us hit our goal!


Run a Ramadan food drive collecting non-perishable food items with your office or individually!

Please e-mail Sumaiya [email protected] to confirm your participation and if you have further questions.

Thank You!

Without generous community members like yourself none of this work is possible.