Fight Hunger Charity Show 2019

On November 30th, 2019, the Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society (MFBCS) will be hosting the Fight Hunger Charity Show. The event will feature performances from world renowned artists, Ayub Sallahudin and Yahya Hawwa! Join us for a fun and entertaining evening while helping fight hunger in our community.

About The Artists

Ayub Sallahudin – Ayub Sallahudin is a Kurdish singer who wants to use music as a way to combat Islamophobia and express the true, peaceful nature of the religion. He has released a 12 song album that was produced by a diverse international team. He has toured internationally with other Kurdish singers.

Yahya Hawa – Yahya Hawwa is a Syrian singer and musician whose songs focus on human rights and spirituality. He gained a tremendous amount of popularity after releasing his song “Hayati Killuha Lillah” which he released in 2008. Hawa was also classically trained in Qur’an recitation and has memorized the Qur’an. He has released a number of Qur’an recitation as well as music albums and has got a chance to tour internationally over the years.


Nov 30 2019


6:00 pm
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