Exploring Emotions on Racial Inequality Workshop – Online

To inspire positive and authentic action, towards removing the barriers of race, culture, religion, color & gender; recognizing human race.

About this Event

Emotions have a purpose, they give us valuable data. Our biases are locked using emotional memory. Racism are emotions that are coming from deeply rooted practice and experiences. This workshop, using process based facilitation will help participants to explore their unconscious biases.

Questions this session will explore:

  • What emotions emerge when you face racism or watch racist behaviors?
  • What unconscious biases are you becoming aware of?
  • What will you do with those emotions?
  • How can building your emotional intelligence help you to fight racism?

The program is facilitated by:

Siddika Jessa

  • Founder of www.widerlens.ca
  • EQ Trainer. Certified self development competencies facilitator.
  • Mission: Inspiring positive and authentic action towards self-development.
  • Contact: [email protected]

Cathy Merchant

  • Founder of www.widerlens.ca
  • Interfaith Minister, Compassionate Listening Training Facilitator
  • Mission: We can respect each other. We can live in peace. We can embrace the love that all of our faiths teach us.
  • Contact: [email protected]

Special Guest

Yacubu Abubakari & Ayesha Khan.

Yacubu is a black man from Ghana and Ayesha a South Asian from Vancouver and their experience of facing racism.

This is integrated into the workshop as a case scenario with an activity to turn into actionable behavior.


Aug 23 2020


10:00 am - 12:30 pm




[email protected]
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