COVID-19 Crises Response Plan

Emergency Food Hampers

We are pre-packaging essential food hampers targeting individuals in need, Although we are focusing on refugee families, vulnerable elderly and single-mothers, anybody in need is welcome to contact us for support. This includes a dedicated team delivering food assistance to socially isolated individuals in the community.

Emergency Remote Community Caseworkers

Self-isolation and other measures imposed by the government could have traumatic impacts of people’s mental health. For refugees we risk bringing back memories of overcrowded refugee camps and a traumatic state of being in ‘limbo’. The effects of which (on those with PTSD), may be disastrous.

In the current environment, we have found our caseworker model to be even more essential, as it allows our clients to connect with a caseworker who checks-in on their well-being, provides emotional support and helps them navigate this pandemic.

Seniors Support